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COVID Protocols

We are very excited to be playing lacrosse this spring, and we are certain that you and your player/s share our enthusiasm.  While there are some varying differences from county to county with regards to covid protocols, there are also consistent measures that we ask you to honor.  Wear a mask when entering and spectating at all facilities, space yourselves apart, and most important, cheer positively for the teams participating?  

We do not want to jeopardize the opportunity to participate, so please do your best to adhere by the guidelines set forth by the counties and the CDC.  Thank you for your cooperation!

by posted 04/09/2021

Games in Juniors, Midgets or Lightning MAY NOT end in a tie.  There are playoffs in all three of these divisions and a game resulting in a tie could harm your record.  If the game ends and the score is tied, a sudden victory overtime must be played. 

by Master Admin posted 04/08/2021
Entering Scores

In order to enter a score for your team,  you must assign yourself to your team -directions on how to register can found on the vertical menu under coach's registration.  Once you are registered, log out , and then log back in USING THE SIGN IN BOX LOCATED IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER OF THE HOME PAGE, go to your home team page and on the vertical menu you will find the Results tab.  On the results page you will see all of the games that your team has played.  Located next to each game, on the far right, is a yellow box which will take you to the page where you can enter scores.  Make sure that you hit SUBMIT so that the information is updated.

posted 04/01/2021
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