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Conduct at Games
The MYLA  would like to remind all spectators to exhibit positive behavior while supporting your lacrosse team. The first half of the season we have witnessed  unacceptable behavior from spectators. This behavior is starting to affect the kids ability to play, the coaches ability to coach, and the officials ability to properly officiate games in a safe environment.
On behalf of the MYLA, I ask that all spectators refrain from any foul language, harassment of players, coaches and officials and only cheer in a positive matter.   Furthermore, spectators are NOT permitted to sit, stand or otherwise be behind player bench side. All spectators must be on the opposite side of player benches. Any violation of outlined requirements will result in game forfeitures and suspensions.  If a spectator continues to exhibit bad behavior after a referee and/or coach have issued warnings, the game will result in a forfeit for the team whose parents committed offensive behavior.  
As stated in the MYLA by-laws,  spectators who are ejected from games will serve a one (1) game suspension (not including the game which he/she was ejected). The ejection will be submitted to the League Commissioner for review. Those involved could face harsher penalties (forfeits, multi game game suspensions, etc) should the Commissioner and Rule’s Committee deem necessary.

by posted 04/29/2022

Games in Juniors, Middies or Lightning MAY NOT end in a tie.  There are playoffs in all three of these divisions and a game resulting in a tie could harm your record.  If the game ends and the score is tied, a sudden victory overtime must be played. 

by Master Admin posted 04/08/2021
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